Matthew Morgan is well known in the cannabis industry. From growing some of the largest and most innovative cannabis operations to leading two public enterprises, Matt is someone you want to have on your side. More about Matt here.

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Join the Cannabis Mastermind Group 

The Mastermind group is an informal gathering of entrepreneurs interested in or actively building a business. Matt’s shares his experience growing multiple cannabis enterprises and answers your questions in a live format. Our Zoom calls happen twice a week (most weeks) to discuss any and all business challenges we all face. Also connect with peers in our private Facebook group.

  • Weekly Zoom calls with Matt Morgan

  • Private Facebook Group – Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • We’re inviting new members to the group through November 1st 2020. After Nov 1st we plan to roll out additional services for incubating and accelerating businesses within the closed group. More details to come.

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